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Veronica Mars Icon Challenge

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Welcome to the Veronica Mars Iicon Challenge Community! If you haven't already, be sure to check out our sister community, vmars_chorus for a lyrical challenge. The usual icon contest rules applies, so here are the basics.

x every two weeks, we will provide you wil four screencaps. you may edit these caps however you wish, you may blend them, animate them, etc. please do not add any additional images to the icon, however. stock images are okay if they are used for texture or coloring.
x post your entries in a comment to the screencap post. make sure you include the image and the typed out url in your comment.
x entries are anonymous. please don't post your icon until the voting ends and winners are announced.
x don't vote for an icon (or not vote for it) just because of who made it.
x do pimp this community to your flists.. the more, the merrier!

Due to lack of participation, voting now takes place every two weeks. Once the caps are posted, the voting will occur a week from the following Saturday.

Results will usually be posted late Sunday night / Early Monday morning.

Questions or Comments? Contact one of your friendly mods: shannigansx or lenabee

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